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loan applications
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The retail lending market
is in rapid and constant evolution

nouveaux acteurs du crédit
New competitors
nouveaux produits
New products
nouveaux canaux de vente
New sales channels

Regulations are becoming increasingly complex
in all countries, making compliance
more and more difficult.

nouveaux acteurs du crédit
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Your solution to develop tailor-made financial products via its universal platform and to manage them throughout their life cycle

Plateforme intégrée End to end Gestion complète du cycle de vie des crédits

integrated solution
Full loan life cycle management

From origination and decision to account management, servicing and collections

Fonctionnalités Omni-lending

Omni-lending functionality

All retail loan products and activities are covered, including mortgages and SME loans, supporting any distribution channel

Coûts d'exploitation réduits

Reduced costs of operation

Pay-per-use model allowing to significantly reduce IT processing costs, increasing productivity and profit margins

déploiement sur mesure

Easy deployment & management

Fully customisable cloud-ready architecture deployable anywhere in the world on private or hybrid cloud infrastructure

expérience omni-canaux api ready

Omni-channel experience
& API ready

Runs on multiple channels such as branch, internet and mobile.
API-enabled platform ready to integrate with any third-party banking system

Création de produits à la volée

On-the-fly product creation

Unbeatable time-to-market made through configuration instead of programming.
Creating a new product is a matter of minutes


Your solution to develop financial products via a universal platform, and to ensure that it is management throughout their life cycle.

passerelle d'api


Complete separation
of the API layer
from the core
APIs exposed in
a specific layer

mapping des données


Transformer module
for mapping data via
a graphical interface

technologies et protocoles

Control of multiple technologies and communication protocols

Web Services (SOAP, REST)
– Synchrone; Messaging
(JMS, AMQP) – Asynchrone ;
And more exotic methods:

Highlights and
key features

clock icon

Minutes to complete
a loan application

with increased
transformation rates using real-time processes

chatbot icon

Chatbot instead of form filling experience,

hardly any data captured by the customer

facial recognition icon

Facial recognition

and validation againstdocuments covers all ID/KYC requirements

magnifying glass icon


checks performedin the background

Scoring based on
real financial

behaviour from
Open Banking
avoids the need to
collect traditional data

Document recognition

avoids unnecessary
data capture by using
OCR technology

Electronic signature

fully compliant with
EU regulations

In production today

in France at a majorConsumer FinanceSpecialist


Full digital and
local requirements

No general regulation covering
fully digital contracting of loan
contracts exists. Greenlight can
be fully tailored to each country’s
requirements depending on:

  • Credit bureaux and other local
    risk management requirements
  • Availability of local databases
    to obtain and verify address details
  • Open Banking implementation levels
  • “Wet signature” v digital signature regulation
  • KYC requirements
    (video chat available for countries that require it)
  • Cooling off period implemented
    according to local regulations
  • Upload of documents where required

responds very
quickly and
to change

Working together!

Legacy Banks have the
customer relationship and
a wealth of information

Challenger players have
speed and agility in their
favour but need to break

Both can win from the
benefits provided by
Open Banking and full
Digital implementation

is the right
to your


An Alliance of Business
and Fintech Expertise

An international team that resolves complex lending issues and speaks the language of their markets

Fintech experts who provide our clients with one of the most innovative and reliable loan management platforms on the market

TheLoanFactory is the first platform

iso 27001 certification
ISO/IEC 27001:2013

TheLoanFactory offers a configuration engine consisting of microservices and graphical interfaces allowing business specialists to create, without coding:

  • Financial products
  • User interfaces
  • Customer and prospect communications
  • Print-outs
  • Distribution processes
  • Compliance rules
  • Accounting rules
  • Collection strategies…


Technical partners

logo atos
logo IBM

The platform is hosted in cloud
or data center of IBM or ATOS

Partners with a technical offer
integrated into TheLoanFactory

QuickSign: KYC, documents upload, OCR and automatic checks, electronic signature

W2 Global data: aggregation of data from external sources such as credit bureaus…

Twilio: video chat streams for subscription process

Yelloan: chatbot, scoring on open banking data

Syspertec / Synapse: connection to French negative bureau

Wirecard: card issuing, transaction authorization

PayLine: card transaction authorization

Partner who built
an offer with TheLoanFactory

logo atos

Global partnership to promote and implement the
Atos-Circeo Retail Lending Factory platform


One of the

A consumer

A retail
bank in
Central Asia


Supervisory Board members

alain breuils

Alain Breuils

Chairman of the
Supervisory Board

40 years of multinational
experience in credit

International Director at Renault Crédit International,
CEO of Fiat Capital,
Deputy CEO in charge of Strategy and Development at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Cornelius Walter

Cornelius Walter

Member of the Supervisory Board

Impact investor committed to mitigating climate change & improving E2E food chains

23 years with McKinsey & Company in Germany and Hungary

Advised financial institutions, energy companies and clients in a broad range of other industries on growth strategies and large-scale transformations as a Senior Partner

Helped build McKinsey’s presence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), served as Managing Partner of McKinsey in Central Europe and, before that, as Managing Partner of McKinsey’s Budapest office

Bertrand Gossart

Bertrand Gossart

Member of the Supervisory Board

25 years of multinational experience in consumer finance and retail banking

CEO in Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan

Renault Crédit International, Cetelem, Société Générale, Alliance Bank, Eurasian Bank, Capital Bank

Louis Chauvel

Louis Chauvel

Member of the Supervisory Board

30 years of experience in quantitative, structural and behavioral social sciences

Professor at the University of Luxembourg

Management team

laurent clerc

Laurent Clerc

Founder, President of the Management Board

25 years of multinational
experience in loan management

20 as origination and management solutions provider in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus

Expert in risk management

RCI, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

matthieu job

Matthieu Job

Founder, Member of the Management Board, CEO of Circeo Hungary

20 years of multinational
experience in retail banking

Loan origination and management systems provider in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus

Société Générale

Bálint Horváth

Bálint Horváth

Founder, Member of the Management Board, President of Circeo France

20 years of multinational
experience in consumer finance and retail banking

CACF Hungary, France, Saudi Arabia

Loan origination and management systems provider in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus

Andre Bonfiglioli

Andre Bonfiglioli

UK Representative,
Commercial Manager

35 years of multinational
experience in Consumer Credit and Retail Banking

Business Leader/ CEO/COO in UK, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, CEE

International Director

American Express,
BNP Paribas Personal Finance, UniCredit

Sándor Ungvári

Sándor Ungvári

Chief Technology Officer

15+ years of experience in software development and operation

10 years at the retail lending solution for OTP Bank Hungary

Implementation projects in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus

Expert in cloud native SaaS solutions


Mijail Carpio

Sales Manager
Western Europe / LATAM

T +33 6 01 25 20 16
Paris, France

Jerzy Celichowski

Sales Manager, Central Eastern Europe/Asia

T +36 20 454 6548
Budapest, Hungary

Andre Bonfiglioli

Commercial Manager United Kingdom

T +44 7740 257236
London, UK